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Dr.Katja Samuel Lecture on Counter-Terrorism & Rule of Law

April 12, 2012

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On behalf of the Law Faculty at LUMS, Professor Maryam Khan invited Dr. Katja Samuel for a guest lecture on “International Anti-Terrorism Regimes and their Impact on Human Rights.” Dr. Samuel co-directs a high-level multi-national, multi-disciplinary research project on the rule of law and counter-terrorism at the University of Nottingham, UK in collaboration with the Club of Madrid (80 former heads of state from 56 democratic countries) and the University of Málaga, Spain under the umbrella of the “World Justice Project” which is an ambitious, independent initiative aiming to strengthen the rule of law globally.

The lecture examined what rule of law based responses mean in the context of governmental counter-terrorist responses to terrorist acts, specifically, the key legal principles making up the international rule of law framework (which include those of international human rights, humanitarian, refugee, and criminal law), as well as their increasingly interconnected nature.

The lecture was well-received by faculty and students. Dr. Samuel, in highly engaging pre and post-lecture discussions with Professor Maryam Khan, Professor Abid Imam, Dr. Ali Qazilbash and Mr. Asad Jamal (a friend of LUMS and a member of the HRCP), expressed her keen interest in collaborating with the Law Faculty at LUMS on various human rights and counter-terrorism issues, including anti-terrorism legislation and religiously motivated crimes in Pakistan. She also generously gifted a copy of her most recent publication on Counter-Terrorism: International Law and Practice (Oxford University Press, Oxford 2012) to the Department of Law & Policy.