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Dr. Osama Siddique interviewed for the prestigious Harvard Law School Human Rights Journal

December 02, 2011

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Dr. Osama Siddique, Associate Professor, Department of Law & Policy, LUMS MGSHSS was the first person interviewed for a recently launched interview-based initiative, by the Harvard Law School Human Rights Journal featuring conversations with prominent human rights academics and practitioners concerning a diverse range of human rights issues. This is the most prestigious and widely read academic journal on human rights in the world.

The Harvard Law School Human Rights Journal recently launched Dr. Siddique’s interview which is an extensive conversation about the Pakistani legal system in general and the blasphemy laws in particular - the latter being a theme on which he has written numerous times and has also been cited in an international scholarly debate on the topic. This interview will be displayed on the Harvard Human Rights Journal website in five parts.


The first three parts of the interview can be viewed here.