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Environment@LUMS: An Exposition of Environmental Research

April 09, 2012

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Courtesy: Jennifer Mitchell

Environment@LUMS: An Exposition of Environmental Research was held on April 5, 2012 at 5:30pm at the School of Science and Engineering. LUMS Vice Chancellor Dr. Adil Najam, a leader in environmental issues, moderated the event, starting with an introduction of the recently announced SarSubz LUMS (“always green”) campaign to make LUMS more environmentally friendly.  

Dr. Najam discussed upcoming SarSubz projects designed to educate the LUMS community about their daily impact on the environment. He mentioned that departments will soon know how much paper they consume per week and hostels will have their energy use posted on the web. These numbers, he hopes, will elicit some healthy competition across campus for individuals to become better stewards of green living and to eventually become leaders who exemplify environmental consciousness.

The panel members were great examples of leaders who do just that. Each has been making strides in environmental research, albeit it in very different ways. Humanist scholar Noman ul Haq, chemist Irshad Hussain, engineer Abu Bakr Muhammad, technologist Nauman Zaffar, lawyer Ahmad Rafay Alam, business professor Zahid Riaz, and Karim Ahmed, Visiting Fulbright and pioneer in the environmental movement during the 70’s, were chosen to speak, to give a breadth of perspectives.  

They gave short overviews of their research, which ranged from the chemistry department’s work to extract pollutants from water using iron’s oxidation properties to projects with the Word Wildlife Fund to save fresh water dolphins from extinction. The panelists’ presentations sparked interest from the audience, who brought up points regarding the economy’s involvement in environmental issues, as well as the safety of dengue fumigation on campus. Dr. Najam responded by pointing out that LUMS was also looking into environmentally friendly ways to curb dengue, such as planting Neem trees and using fish to minimize mosquitoes.  

The event was a successful launching platform for SarSubz, as the panel members and audience alike seemed ready to take action by the night’s end.  

Learn more about the SarSubz initiative and how you can get involved. SarSubz welcomes suggestions, so please write to with input and ideas.