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First DAEWOO Bus Departs for Rawalpindi from LUMS!

March 15, 2013

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According to the travel agreement signed between LUMS and DAEWOO bus service, the first DAEWOO bus departed from LUMS for Rawalpindi at 3 p.m. on Friday, March 15, 2013.

In an email announcing the agreement between LUMS and DAEWOO, the Office of Students Affairs (OSA) encouraged students to “make the most of this excellent arrangement, as this will save up on logistical and extra expense hassles, including ticket purchase, transport to the DAEWOO terminal, toting heavy luggage and the overall stress of planning the trip.”

The initiative has been appreciated greatly by the entire campus community, especially by students coming in from various cities of Pakistan. While sharing about how this initiative will cut back on the inconvenience, Saad Shaukat from Class of 2013 lauded the initiative and said, “This will not only save time but will also save money. It is a lot easier and convenient this way.”

Another student from the Class of 2013 shared, “Bus is completely booked. This is an excellent service but it should have started much earlier.”  Adding to that a student from the Class of 2015 said, “It is very disturbing when you are dependent on others. Through this service available, we do not have to worry anymore”

“No extra charges are required. This is the best part,” was an input from one of the students waiting anxiously for the way back home.  

According to the agreement reached between LUMS and DAEWOO management, for now DAEWOO bus services will only travel for Karachi, Rawalpindi and Multan. This also includes servicing requirements for all other destinations that fall on these routes. Also, a minimum load of 40 passengers per route is required.

LUMS OSA also shared that this arrangement will be run as a pilot for some time, with two buses available on Friday or Saturday as per the preference of LUMS students travelling out of Lahore via DAEWOO. It was further shared that for booking tickets, representatives of DAEWOO will be here on campus on Wednesdays. However, the time will be communicated later by OSA. Tickets will be issued on “first-register first served” basis. For registrations, follow the link provided: Daewoo_Reg.

Additionally, students who are planning to travel to other destinations via DAEWOO will be provided complementary DAEWOO shuttle to their Lahore terminal for this mid-semester break.

Those interested should email their requirement (names, roll number, date and time of travel) to so that this can be arranged for [Minimum load of 6 students is required].