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LUMS Best Delegation at Turkey Model United Nations

March 14, 2012

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MUNTR is Turkey’s most prestigious Model United Nations (MUN) conference, and over the years it has gained the status of being the largest conference in Turkey and the neighboring countries. This year MUNTR 2012 was a 5-day long event held from March 3 - 9, 2012 with participation from universities all over the world. In staying true to the conference's theme of “Democratization and Conflict Resolution”, MUNTR simulated the conventional committees such as the General Assembly committees and the Security Council but also aimed to freshen the conference atmosphere through projects such as International Court of Justice, Future North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, G-20 Summit, World Health Organisation, Historical Security Council and African Union.

At the end of a wonderful week, the closing ceremony of MUNTR 2012 climaxed with a hit of the gavel declaring the LUMS team as the Best Delegation for this prestigious conference. The 12 member team comprised of Sarah Ahmad (head delegate), Anam Hasan, Sana Kamran, Imran Ahmad Khan, Sagar Jaggani, Ayesha Durrani, Zainab Cheema, Saim Sadiq, Aan Asif Cheema, Hassan Bin Haseeb, Hira Mumtaz and Rawaid Asif. As an ode to their outstanding performance at MUNTR 2012, the LUMUN team was able to bag a large number of awards including 6 best delegates, 3 outstanding diplomacy, 2 honourable mentions and 1 promising delegate.

It was  truly a proud moment when the Secretary General for MUNTR 2012 crowned the LUMS team as winners saying: ‘They come every year, they see, they conquer!’ An ecstatic response to this was by Sarah Ahmad, head delegate for the MUNTR delegation who rejoiced in the fact that amongst a room full of international students in Turkey, the most prominent thing was a group of 12 winning LUMUNites and the Pakistan flag.

Courtesy: Beenish Pervaiz