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LUMS Rugby team emerges victorious at TENS National Rugby tournament

November 25, 2011

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The LUMS Rugby team won the TENS National Rugby tournament, held in Islamabad on November 20, 2011. The LUMS team out performed the other participant teams and went on to clinch its first title of the season. The participant teams included Army, Mujahids, FAST Jinns, GSIS and MAJU among others.

In the group stages, the LUMS team was up against GSIS and FAST Jinns A. In the first match against GSIS, the LUMS team gave an excellent performance which beat the opponents with a roaring 29-0 win. The second match against FAST was played with great determination as LUMS wanted to break the opposite team’s winning streak. The LUMS team out played the opposition in every aspect pushing towards a final winning score line of 17-5. LUMS topped the group and made it to the Semis.

The Final was played against MAJU and was a very challenging match for the LUMS boys. After a surprise try by MAJU in the first 2 minutes, the LUMS team found new energy and recovered scoring one try after the other. By the time LUMS was through with MAJU, the final score was 27-7.

According to Babar Asad Khan, Deputy Manager, Office of Sports, Wellness and Recreation, the best backs performance was by Abdullah Hussain while the best forwards performance was by Ehtesham Akhlaq Malik. Also, Mubeen Ahsan deserves a special mention for playing best tackle.