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National Laboratory Immersion Programme Commences at LUMS

June 01, 2012

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A three-day National Laboratory Immersion Programme, organised by the Department of Physics, School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE), LUMS, kicked off on Friday, June 1, 2012 at 8:30 a.m. in SBASSE building complex. The opening session began with a talk on Measurements and Uncertainties by Dr. Sabeih Anwar, the Physics Department Chair.

Dr. Anwar welcomed a good mix of shortlisted candidates from all across Pakistan, which included post-graduate students, researchers and teachers, from the field of physics education and experimental physical sciences. He briefed the participants on the core purpose of the programme, which was about sharing the expertise, resources and experiments with other like-minded people through host of lectures, laboratory work, demonstrations and guest lectures, from seasoned instructors and take those practices to their own institutions.

The lecture started off with the discussion on the principles of Laboratory, which went further into the intricate details of accuracy and precision in the world of Experimental Physics. He emphasised on the importance of quoting values along with their respective uncertainty and explained that a number alone holds no value at all unless stated along with its uncertainty. Then, Dr. Anwar described the difference between error and uncertainty, which was explained thoroughly through solved numerical problems.

While explaining how combined uncertainty can be calculated, Dr. Anwar also briefed about the two rules of quoting results. The first leg of the session concluded with tea for the participating members of the programmes.