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Students Compete at Annual Athletics Mela

March 07, 2012

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Courtesy: LUMS Daily Student and SLUMS

Sports at LUMS (SLUMS) organised its annual Athletics Mela on March 2, 2012. A wide variety of events took place during the event including handball, sprints (100m, 200m, 400m, 1600m) dodge-ball, relay race, Frisbee, push-ups, pull-ups and tug-of war. The most popular events were the 100m race (boys), beach handball and Frisbee.

A large number of people registered for the mela, often with comical team names such as “Babluu Nickers” and “Bhaiyya Ke Kebab”. The majority of the participants consisted of groups of friends wanting to have a bit of fun before exams started. Apart from the participants enjoying themselves, the audience too was kept entertained by the antics of the participants. In the final of the push-ups competition, one participant could be seen doing push-ups with one hand while the other was doing them with a guy sitting on his back.

The crowd was unfortunately sparse, probably due to the looming exam week. A student suggested that apart from the games there should also have been food stalls and a movie screening, as was provided in the previous year’s mela.

Medals were provided to the winners and the runners up. Apart from winners and runners up of each sport, there was also an award for Best Male Athlete and Best Female Athlete, which were awarded to Asif Abul Hasan and Rabia respectively.

List of Winners:

100m Race (Boys)

  1. Asif Abul Hassan
  2. Abubakar                       

100m Race (Girls)

  1. Rabia
  2. Zainab

200m Race

  1. Ali Haider
  2. Nouman

400m Race

  1. Asif Abul Hassan
  2. Abubakar

 1600m Race

  1. Asad Qamar
  2. Ahmer Ibrahim


  1. Babluu Nickers           
  2. SLUMS EC                    

Dodge The Ball 

  1. Dai Diya hai  
  2. Downers

Beach Handball 

  1. Dai Diya hai  
  2. Sheedas

Tug of War    

  1. Ali Haider and Co 
  2. Dai Diya hai 

Relay Race

  1. Aziz and Co
  2. Hamza and Co

Push Ups                       

  1. Hamza Ayub               
  2. Fayez Mufti                

Pull Ups

  1. Hamza Ayub
  2. Yasir Ahmad