Lahore University of Management Sciences

LUMS Introduces Campus Community Bike Sharing Programme

April 23, 2012

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Coinciding with Earth Day (April 22), the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) announced the revival of its campus bicycle sharing programme as part of the SarSubz LUMS initiative to make the LUMS campus more environment friendly and sustainable. The community bike sharing programme for the LUMS campus community is modelled after many such programmes being undertaken internationally (for example in Amsterdam, Montreal, Dublin, Portland, etc.) and will allow anyone in the LUMS community to borrow a bicycle for use on campus or for nearby trips.

The bike sharing programme revitalises and builds upon an earlier such programme that had been initiated by the LUMS Environment Action Forum (LEAF) a few years ago with support from the Babar Ali Foundation (BAF). The earlier programme had gone dormant over the years and has now been revitalised as part of SarSubz LUMS.

As part of the programme, a number of bicycles have been placed near the main entrance gate of LUMS, anyone in the LUMS community is welcome to borrow these for up to 4 hours for free (a minor charge will be applied for bicycles not returned within the 4-hour period). Bicycles can be used by anyone in the LUMS community who has a smartcard (which will be kept as security) and can be used within campus or for nearby short trips.

In introducing the programme, the Vice Chancellor of LUMS, Dr. Adil Najam, hoped that the programme will be used by the LUMS community and it will encourage greater use of environment-friendly transport such as bicycles. He hoped that it will also be beneficial to students who now have to use motor rickshaws for short trips to nearby markets, etc.

While commenting about the initiative, Dr. Najam said, “We hope that SarSubz LUMS in general and this programme in particular will be a practical way of providing a useful service as well as an environment-friendly service to the LUMS community.” He further added that apart from the environmental benefits of bicycles, the health benefits are also considerable.