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Managerial Society at LUMS Organise EMERGE 2012

March 07, 2012

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The Managerial Society at LUMS (MSL) organised their flagship event, Emerge 2012 from March 3-4, 2012 at LUMS, where the knowledge of the contending teams in the fields of Marketing, Human Resource Management (HRM) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was put to a rigorous test creatively and realistically.

A host of business events including, BrandRush, HRM Case Study and Corporate Conscience were lined up at Emerge 2012, where business students from all over Pakistan participated. The BrandRush grabbed the most attention amongst all the rest. The activity exactly started off from a point where brands were facing decline. The participating teams were to devise a strategy to give new life to the marketing of an existing brand.

Then, there was an HRM Case Study competition participants were given a chance to brainstorm with and against others to devise real-life solutions for problems pertaining to Human Resource Management.

The Corporate Conscience of MSL was the third business activity that challenged future leaders, managers and entrepreneurs to step up and think of ways a company can fulfill its ethical responsibilities by engaging in an effective CSR programme.

Forman Christian College’s School of Management teams bagged second prize in BrandRush and third prize in HRM. Meeral Butt led the BrandRush team which included Ahmad Nawaz, Taha Saeed, Faizan Ali and Hassan Raza while Taseer Raza Hassan’s team along with Zoha Siddique, Aqsa Bashir, Zoia Michelle Parvez, Mawra Niaz and Nabeel Hassan booked the third spot in the CSR competition.

The event wrapped up with a grand thematic dinner which was topped off with a movie night.