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BSc (Honours) Accounting and Finance


Accounting and Finance are vital business operations and require knowledge and understanding of all functional areas of business. As such, Accounting and Finance are of critical importance to both public and private sector organisations.

A major in Finance and Accounting (ACF) provides students with a basis from which to continue their studies for a professional degree or to serve as a valuable foundation for careers in business and management. The graduates of this major are prepared for careers in auditing, corporate accounting, management consulting, government, not-for-profit organisations and taxation. They also have the role of trainee manager open to them.

The broad-based curriculum equips students with tools of intelligent analysis, planning, control and decision making.


Lectures coupled with the Case-Method of Teaching

ACF offers a unique blend of multi-disciplinary modes of teaching that fully utilise modern teaching techniques, conventional lecture method and the case method of learning, that is the hallmark of the SDSB. Video cases, class exercises and industrial visits are some of the best examples of the teaching tools employed by instructors to enhance knowledge and provide first hand experience to students.

Usually, during the first two years, a rigorous programme is followed whereby students are introduced to innumerable concepts and models. During the next two years, as this learning continues, students are also introduced to specific applications of what they have initially learnt, mainly through case-based learning schemes, industry visits, and in-depth projects and presentations.

The integration of various techniques has scores of advantages. It inculcates in students an awareness of practical problems, which may not be explained theoretically. Secondly, it calls for active class participation. Along with improving their communication skills, this aggregate scoring component builds confidence in students to think on their feet and to present their ideas meaningfully. This rigorous approach leads to brain storming and idea generation that in turn, leads to the assimilation of various opinions and insights by different students and assists in group learning. Problem solving and team-building skills, awareness about pragmatic problems and insights into corporate cultures, are some of the added advantages of this mode of teaching that lead students to transform into well-groomed graduates with a professional outlook who are ready to face the real world challenges.

* The medium of instruction at LUMS is English for all degree programmes offered. Assessments are accepted in English only.