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LUMS HSS Faculty Talks on Jihad and U.S. Foreign Policy

April 04, 2012

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Photograph Courtesy: U.S. Army War College Facebook Page

Aurangzeb Haneef, LUMS Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) faculty member, delivered a talk on the topic of “I, Jihad and the US Foreign Policy” via Skype to a class of American and International Army officers at the U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania on Thursday, March 29, 2012.

The talk was part of a course on “Islam and Peaceful Pluralism,” a key purpose of which is to help U.S. military officers and civilian policy makers learn about perspectives of scholars working on global issues in Muslim societies.

Previously, Haneef was invited to speak at the college in person in April 2010 on a similar topic. His interest in the topic of “Jihad in the Islamic Tradition” is quite old and personal, which dates back to his teen years. Also, he studied the topic further for his master thesis, In Religion, Peace, and Conflict, in Spain, 2007. During his Theological Studies at Harvard, he undertook further scholarly work in the same area. At LUMS, Haneef has twice taught a course on “Jihad: A Social, Political, and Theological History," which has received a very positive response from the students.