Lahore University of Management Sciences

Startup Weekend Lahore!

February 17, 2012

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Venue: Smart Room, CS Department, SBASSE

About the Event:

After meeting global success, Startup Weekend (SW) is coming to LUMS this month. In this 54-hour activity, startup enthusiasts (developers, marketers, designers, and others) come together, share ideas, form teams, and launch a startup!

If you are someone who ever dreamt of an idea of their own, SW is the perfect platform to lay the foundation of a credible technology business based on your idea. You work on your idea and we will take responsibility of feeding you during the event. What else can be better? You have a team, great. If not, you can find one at the event. Come alone. Come together.

Banking? Healthcare? Transport? Education? Government? Agriculture? All Sectors are fair game for the event as long as your business idea is viable, solves a problem, and you can demonstrate that a technology solution can be built around it. In 2011, 260 startup weekends in 67 countries resulted in 4000+ startups. There is no excuse to chicken out. Be there or be square.

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