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Dr. Tayyaba Asim Publishes in Key Engineering Materials

June 04, 2012

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Faculty at the Department of Chemistry, Dr. Tayyaba Asim’s research paper titled “Preparation and Characterization of Carbon Supported Nano- Nickel and its Sorption Behavior for Zinc from Aqueous Solutions” was published in Key Engineering Materials on May 14, 2012. 

During the research, carbon supported nano-nickel catalyst was prepared by the solution methodology and various techniques including XRD, FTIR, and SEM were employed for its characterisation. A comparative study of adsorption was carried out on commercial carbon and the modified one, according to which the modification enhanced the adsorption process. Kinetic parameters of the sorption process were also evaluated to find out the rates of intra particle diffusion. Various isotherms were applied to this adsorption system and energy of sorption calculated by Dubinin- Radushkevich isotherm equations. Values of change in free energy, entropy and enthalpy indicated a spontaneous endothermic process. The results led to the conclusion that such adsorbents can also be prepared which can possibly immobilise a range of heavy metals and metalloids without changing the conditions of aqueous solution.

Key Engineering Materials, part of Advanced Materials published by Trans Tech publications, Switzerland, covers the entire range of basic and applied aspects of the synthesis and characterisation, modelling, processing and application of advanced engineering materials. It is indexed in SCOPUS and monitored by all major abstract media. It is one of the largest periodicals in its field. Key Engineering Materials publishes only selected peer reviewed proceedings of International Symposium of Advanced Materials (ISAM) 2011.