Lahore University of Management Sciences

LUMS Readies for Dengue Prevention

March 21, 2012

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As summer approaches and fears of another Dengue outbreak in Lahore emerge, the Lahore Univeristy of Management Sciences (LUMS) has begun preparations for its Dengue prevention programme. The Vice Chancellor of LUMS, Dr. Adil Najam, has set up a Task Force on Dengue Prevention under the leadership of the Head of General Administration, Mr. Amer Khan Durrani, and asked them to prepare and implement a plan for taking preventive measures against Dengue outbreak on the LUMS campus and also include a awareness component for students, faculty and staff on preventive measures and steps that need to be taken individually.

A webpage has also been developed which will include useful technical and practical information for the LUMS community on Dengue prevention. The page will be updated to include new and latest awareness information as it becomes available.

Mr. Amer Khan highlighted that last year LUMS had taken comprehensive steps in its anti-Dengue campaign and that the University will be repeating and improving on this even further. He said that a plan has been developed, along with timelines, for campus indoor and outdoor fumigation, draining of water, and other preventative measures. He also pointed out that the University is in touch with local and provincial authorities on this issue and is “committed to taking ever possible step to make the campus safe; we intend to follow best practice and even go beyond that when needed.”

Speaking on the initiative, Dr. Najam said "We want to make sure that we take whatever steps we can at the institutional level to minimise the incidence of dengue mosquitoes on the LUMS campus. But the real challenge is also making sure that our individual behavior also incorporates the best precautionary measures possible. This is why awareness and information are as important preventative tools as timely fumigation and other technical steps that we are taking. In this, I hope we will have the cooperation of the entire LUMS community in making sure that we make our campus not just safe but a model for what others should follow.”