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PhD Management Student Wins Best Paper Award

November 23, 2011

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“Supply chain management is an area that excites me,” says Muhammad Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, a PhD candidate at SDSB who presented his research paper titled “Impact of Strategic Supply Chain Management on Organisational Performance” at the 40th Annual Meeting of Western Decision Sciences Institute in Portland, Oregon. The paper was co-authored by Shaukat Ali Brah.

Shakeel's research paper received accolades and was given the Best Graduate Student Paper Award at the Western Decision Sciences Institute meeting this year. The institute holds a meeting annually and calls for research papers from all parts of world. Each research paper is accepted for presentation and publication on a positive result of blind peer review of the paper.

Around 300 research papers were accepted in all categories at this year's meeting. All accepted papers competed with each other for different categories of awards. Graduate Student Papers was one of the categories. A committee composed of Professors engaged with the institute and evaluated all research papers competing in each award category through a structured multiphase process.

Shakeel is enrolled in the PhD Management programme and is specializing in Operations Management.

“Dr. Shaukat was due to leave LUMS when I and another student asked him to teach us a course. He agreed to do so and made us commit to working on a conference paper each. He worked very hard with us.”  Dr. Shaukat Ali Brah also advised Shakeel on which institutes and conferences to send the paper to. “At the time, the Western Decision Sciences Institute was calling for papers, so I decided to send my paper there”, says Shakeel.

Talking of the conference experience, Shakeel said, “Attending the conference was a wonderful opportunity. I met a lot of people and received offers to work on papers with others. Most of the students present were from the US and Europe. I was the only one there from Pakistan, while there were some from India, China and Korea as well.”  

Highlighting a problem he faced, Shakeel identified having an issue with financing his travel to Portland. HEC had approved his conference travel funding which is reimbursed after the conference. In the meantime Shakeel had to raise funds himself which he eventually managed to do through LUMS.

“There should be an institutional account for funding conference travels. This would make it easier and further motivate students to publish more papers and submit more research at conferences and other proceedings.”

Shakeel has recently successfully defended his PhD research proposal and is now working on his diSBASSErtation. The paper he presented in Portland is part of his diSBASSErtation.