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The Study of Science Promoted by The Box Move

March 15, 2012

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Courtesy: Kamil Ahsan

The Box Move began as a student-run blog by the first batch of SBASSE students in December 2009. Running on moderate traffic at first and a team of only about 7 people, The Box Move slowly attracted more contributors and a great deal of traffic. By the first anniversary of the blog, The Box Move had been featured and linked to on prominent international filter blogs such as and 3QuarksDaily, as well as the Express Tribune blogs.

The Box Move team has now grown to a 70 strong force, and the first issue of Pakistan's first popular science magazine was released in LUMS in January 2012 sponsored by PLUMS and SPADES. As a continuing legacy, The Box Move attracts students from majors as diverse as Electrical Engineering, Politics, Psychology, Biology, Law, Physics, Economics and Mathematics. The magazine team includes regular columnists, essayists, illustrators, graphic designers and publicists all working towards a unification of their disciplines.

The Box Move intends to target mainly the student population across Pakistan in universities and high schools who crave intellectual stimulation. Written in simple and interesting language, the magazine aims to enhance the understanding of even those who are not familiar with Science as a formal field of study. It also sheds light on different aspects of how society approaches and responds to science and how effective the education system of Pakistan has been in promoting science. This makes The Box Move a publication of immense interest to teachers in different institutions as well as faculty linked to the industry.