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BS Biology


Based on the ‘no boundaries’ philosophy of SSE, all incoming students follow a common core curriculum that is enriched in fundamental sciences and mathematics, but also includes a large humanities and social sciences component.

The key feature of the SSE core curriculum is that by exposing students to different subjects it vastly broadens their breadth of scientific knowledge and also prepares them for interdisciplinary research. Another “student-friendly” aspect of the core curriculum is that it permits students to sample a variety of different courses before selecting their major. Students declare their major at the end of the first year after which they begin to take specialised courses in their field of interest. There is no specific quota for any discipline; students are free to pursue their area of interest provided they fulfill the pre-requisites for that major and maintain a certain GPA. Designing projects and obtaining hands-on experience in state-of-the-art labs are some of the important academic activities that are deemed to be integral to the undergraduate experience at SSE.

Teaching at SSE is as unique as its curriculum. Students are taught didactically but encouraged to ask questions in class or in recitations or during instructor’s office hours. Emphasis is placed on solving problems, understanding concepts and how things work, instead of rote learning. Students are trained to think critically about problems and issues in an open-minded manner. The theoretical knowledge and practical training provided to SSE students adequately prepares them to meet tomorrow's challenges be they in corporate or academic settings.

Biology is important, since it strives to tell us about the natural world around us. Recent advances have brought the subject to the forefront of contemporary sciences and integrated it with numerous disciplines, including Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This has led to the emergence of new areas of study and research such as bioinformatics and computational biology, mathematical modelling of biological processes and diseases, biophysics and systems biology, all of which are in the realm of the Biology programme at SSE.

The Department of Biology at SSE offers a rigorous undergraduate programme which imparts cutting-edge knowledge of 21st century biology exposing students to its theoretical as well as experimental aspects. Two streams are offered to aspiring Biology majors:

1. Molecular & Cellular Biology

2. Biophysics & Computational Biology

Successful completion of the introductory Biology sequence prepares students for advanced studies in a range of biological sub-disciplines that include Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics and Computational Biology.

* The medium of instruction at LUMS is English for all degree programmes offered. Assessments are accepted in English only.

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