Lahore University of Management Sciences

BS Physics



Graduation Requirement   131 Credit Hours
University Core   8 Credit Hours (3 Courses)
University Distribution Out Group 9-12 Credit Hours (3 Courses)
SBASSE Cores   34 Credit Hours (13 Courses)
Major Requirement Major Cores
Major Electives
43 Credit Hours
15 Credit Hours
58 Credit Hours
Free Electives*   19 Credit Hours


Fall Cr    Spring Cr    
Principles of Chemistry 3 Biology Laboratory 1
Mechanics 4 Introductory Biology 3
Calculus I 3 Experimental Chemistry   1
Computational Problem Solving 3 Modern Physics 4
Engineering Laboratory**   1 Linear Algebra with Differential Equations 3
University Distribution(100 level course)** 3-4 Writing and Communication 4
Total 17-18 Total 16


Fall Cr   Spring Cr  
Electricity and Magnetism 3 Mathematical Methods in Physics I 3
Calculus II 3 Quantum Mechanics I 3
Experimental Physics Laboratory I 2 Waves and Optics 3
Pakistan Studies/Islamic Studies 2+2 Probability 3
University Distribution 3-4 SBASSE Elective*** 3
Total 15-16 Total 15


Fall Cr   Spring Cr  
Experimental Physics lab II 3 Classical Mechanics 3
Quantum Mechanics II 3 Condensed Matter Physics (a) 3
Statistical Mechanics 4 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves 3
Atomic Molecular and Laser Physics (a) 3 Major Elective 3
University Distribution 3-4 Free Elective 3-4
Total 16-17 Total 15-16


Fall Cr   Spring Cr  
Senior Year Project I 3 Senior year project II 3
General Relativity (b) 3 Nuclear and Particle Physics (b) 3
Major Elective 3 Free Elective 3
Major Elective 3 Free Elective 3-4
Free Elective 3 Free Elective 4
Free Elective 3    
Total 18 Total 16-17


*Credit Hours taken towards free electives will vary according to the number of Credit hours taken for the University Distribution (Out group).

**For BS 2016, both courses can be taken at a later stage if not taken in Fall of freshman year.

*** The SBASSE Elective requirement is one course of 3 credits to be taken outside the major, but within SBASSE, in sophomore year or beyond.

Students are required to take at least one course (marked a) out of PHY 331 or PHY 332, and one course (marked b) out of PHY 441, PHY 451 and PHY 442. These two courses will count as part of the major core. Any additional ones taken from (a) or (b) will count as major electives.