Provost Kamran Asdar Ali, distinguished faculty members, our guests from China, dear parents, guardians and our cherished students, Asalam o Alakum.

It has worth reminding ourselves that no person is entirely “self-made”. Today, with enormous pleasure, we share in the accomplishments of our students who are on the Dean’s Honor List. I’d like to therefore begin by first acknowledging the parents and family members here and thank you very much for everything you do to support your loved ones. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me to applaud our families.

There is also the LUMS family. Our staff and the teachers travel side by side with students. They open intellectual doors and provide support. We have distinguished faculty here who do pioneering work in family and constitutional law, human rights, equality and justice and have been mentors to the next generation of lawyers in Pakistan. I want to thank our faculty and staff for their service!

I would now like to take the next few minutes to share with you a few stories that provide a glimpse into what these young women and men have achieved to reach this milestone. These are by no means the only stories worth sharing. There are many, many, more.

Haanya Channa is from a family of doctors in Karachi. She grew up with high expectations to be part of the medical profession. However, Haanya was curious about the legal profession. The child of a single mother and shocked by the tragic demise of her younger brother, she persevered, moved to Lahore and is now exceeding her own expectations.

Speaking of difficult decisions, Maryam Asad, who was required to get married, was instead supported by her mother to further her education. Maryam is here to affirm that her mother made the right decision.

Students at LUMS and those we are honouring today are not only role models for achieving academic excellence but also in leadership activities.

Aman Rehan has studied in many institutions across Pakistan because her parents served at various posts in the army. Following the 2010 flooding in Nowshera, Aman moved to Karachi to live with her grandparents and then came to LUMS. She has worked as a Teaching Assistant, captain of a sports team and recently was elected to the Student Council.

Semra Islam received a partial scholarship and last summer, was a part of the only team selected from Pakistan to participate in the International Moot Court Competition in Japan.

Sara Raza is the Editor of the LUMS Law Journal and was in Washington, DC as part of the Jessup 2019 team.

Ladies and gentlemen, they say the true test of education is what happens afterwards.

Take the case of Shanza Faiq. A BA-LLB graduate of 2016, Shanza won the Fulbright Scholarship and the Woman of Pakistan Scholarship at Warwick in the UK to pursue an LLM. Following these achievements Shanza decided to appear for the Central Services Superior exam or CSS.  Out of almost 12,000 candidates, Shanza topped the CSS exam and was inducted into the Foreign Services of Pakistan Group.

There are many more compelling stories in this room and beyond which I hope you will have the chance to hear from our students.
So, to all of you, who have joined the Dean’s Honor List and look to lead society in matters of justice, equality and the very foundation on which nations stand tall, let me end on a short but powerful saying by Hazrat Ali (R.A.),

“Nothing can cause nations to flourish like Justice”.

Congratulations everyone and thank you very much.