ASW and Welcome everyone,

Before we congratulate and celebrate students on the Dean’s honour list, allow me to first acknowledge parents and family members. It is a privilege for LUMS family of student’s, and we share our pride with parents here today. Thank you!

I would now like to take the next few minutes to share with you a few stories that provide a glimpse into what these young women and men have achieved to reach this milestone. These are by no means the only stories worth sharing. There are many, many, more.

Nisha Sarwar is from a small city in South Punjab where she grew up and attended public school. Nisha applied to LUMS through the National Outreach Program even though it was a difficult decision being so far away from home. Thanks to supportive faculty and mentorship from 

Dean Masud, Nisha found a new home away from home and is a role model for many as she is the first woman in her family to attend college.

Similarly, after attending a federal government college, Ali Hassan came to LUMS. In his first year here, he initiated a social enterprise called DYA which stands for Developing Youth Aspirations. DYA aims to help students explore their potential, discover career opportunities and assist in overcoming financial constraints. Through DYA, Ali is building the first student run orphanage in Pakistan.

Let me also mention Muhammad Farid Haroon who like many in this room has worked hard, remained focussed and committed himself to academic excellence. Like Farid, each and every one of you has invested in achieving academic excellence and this is what we have come to celebrate today.

On behalf of the teachers here at LUMS who take immense pride in accomplishments small and large, we know you are charting a course to make even greater contributions as you continue to make a difference in your futures and those you are destined to lead. Congratulations!