13th LUMS Model United Nations Conference

Monday, December 26, 2016 (All day) to Friday, December 30, 2016 (All day)
Lahore University of Management Sciences

The 13th Annual LUMUN Conference will be the embodiment of ideals based on tolerance, unity and empathy. The conference will take place in a span of five days from 26th December 2016 till 30th December 2016. It will be held at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, organized by the LUMUN Society under the supervision of the ECA.

The conference will not only focus on promoting debate and diplomacy, which is the vision of the United Nations, while resolving international issues but also highlight the significance of inculcating ideals of tolerance, unity and empathy within the society. This message will be endorsed through various panel talks which will allow students to personally interact with individuals who symbolize these ideals. Moreover, with the increased focus on international participation and branching out to the remote areas of Pakistan this year, LUMUN aims to bring people from different walks of life on the same platform to discuss global issues in harmony.

The LUMUN Conference also aims to simulate the working of the United Nations on a more accessible platform, to allow students the opportunity to participate in a more direct manner to discuss and deliberate upon issues of global significance and national relevance. This year’s conference aims to simulate thirteen such committees of the United Nations, with the highest number of specialized committees ever simulated at any such conference in Pakistan.

LUMUN 13 stands for unity, acceptance and empathy. Ideas and freedoms thrive in societies where people agree—at a basic minimum—to accept that others are different in caste, faith, color, lifestyle, and language—and welcome these differences.

Theme: Urging for Empathy, Uniting for Peace.

Our great war is a war of exclusion. In a world beset with the refugee crisis and the pressing question of how European, how Pakistani–or to generalize, how much like yourself–your neighbor is, the LUMS Model UN Society believes it is time to reframe the question: why are these differences important?

From the outset, LUMUN 13 champions that the path to peace, progress and prosperity is found at the heart of realizing, accepting and celebrating differences: those of opinion, of belief, of color and of histories. Our diverse committees invoke discussions on the refugee crisis itself, on inequalities in law and culture, on political constructs dating back to colonialism, the Cold War and in the modern era. Through our theme this year, our hope is to step beyond transcending the prejudice in local perspectives, and preparing people around the world: rousing empathy to carve a way to an inclusive, tolerant and harmonious society.