CEOs at LUMS - Focus Group Discussion

Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 10:00am to 1:00pm

SDSB, LUMS CEO’s Forum is going to be the pioneer platform of CEOs and Senior Executives to serve the CEOs Community in and outside Pakistan. It will facilitate and promote the role of CEOs, Senior Executives, and the SDSB faculty to add a more meaningful value to the country's economic, social and cultural advancement through exchange of ideas, experiences and industry-academia linkages.

Although, the executive development centers and the faculty of SDSB LUMS have been working in a close net with the senior executives but now we would be able to engage top notch CEOs, Senior Executives, Unit Heads, VPs and the General Managers to add higher value to the businesses and the CEOs at policy and operational levels. This forum will also help them in their growth patterns with the help of practitioners in this network and the SDSB faculty members through their experience and intellectual scholarship. This platform will not only help CEOs/Senior Executives in sharing best practices, benchmarking internally and externally, networking and trust building, and helping in producing applied scholarship in their respective sectors/areas.

In pursuance of the above mission, following tentative objectives of the CAL have been set forth.

  • Facilitate Networking amongst senior executive and helping them in solving common problems through networking and trust building.
  • To provide a platform for Sharing best practices, information, skills, experience, and an opportunity to discuss mutual problems.
  • Creating Benchmarks in their respective areas/sectors
  • To foster and originate Research in the areas of mutual interest
  • Bridge the gap between industry and academia