Phoenix ‘17

Friday, February 10, 2017 - 3:00pm to Sunday, February 12, 2017 - 8:00pm
FINTRA presents
Phoenix ‘17
Date: February 10-12, 2017
Venue: LUMS
FINTRA is organising its flagship event PHOENIX 2017, comprising following 5 sub-events:
1) Trivia
The event starts off with Trivia whereby participants’ general knowledge of finance will be tested both on local and international levels and teams will be expected to answer questions, mainly taken from CFA past papers and Schwester question bank, in a limited period of time. Correct answers will be rewarded with points, while wrong answers may be penalized in different rounds. The points at the end of each round will determine which team moves onto the next one, and finally the winner. In the case of equal points, a tie-breaker will be held, for which the rules will be communicated on the spot. Each trivia session will last for 90 minutes only, providing ample time afterwards to the participants for the preparation of the next event.
2) Valuation
Next up is Valuation, which will be the second method of assessment. Each team will be allotted a firm at the time of registration, for which valuation has to be carried out. The teams will be required to forecast the organization's impending financial needs, demonstrate expert judgment and ethical decision making as in professional practice. The required deliverables will include an excel model, equity report and a presentation. The experience gained by the participants through this event will be invaluable as it will prepare the delegates for the real world unsolicited offers and provide them with a chance to emphasise strengths and opportunities as well as mitigate weaknesses and threats.
3) Virtual Trading
Thirdly, virtual trading will give delegates a chance to live out their wildest “The Wolf of Wall Street” fantasies.  It will provide the delegates an opportunity to delve into the demanding and unforgiving world of Stock Exchange, where they can invest in virtual stocks without using real money. They will be able to test out risk-free, game-changing strategies which can reap real-world benefits, and most importantly gain experience of what it’s like being a stock broker on Wall Street. On the first day FINTRA will organize an informative session for the participants, which will cater to the needs of both the experienced and first-time traders alike. The session will equip the delegates with the general understanding of the event, usage of the software and guidelines on equity trading. Once through with this, the 90 minutes trading session will commence. Teams will be evaluated based on return generated as well as strategies of investment.
4) Case Study
Next in line is the case study. Each team would be given a case based on a business enterprise, as to the functional greatness or the erroneous running of any department. Participants will have 120 minutes. Everyone will be required to carefully review the case and conduct the five force analysis as well as a detailed financial analysis of the relevant department of a business organization, which the case study refers to. The focus of the case study analysis should be on designing the strategies to improve the concerned departments such as marketing, human resource or procurement as well as fixing the loopholes to make the organization a better place and holistically an improved organization. Any additional recommendations that have a futuristic outlook, about departments that the case study doesn’t specifically talk about, will be given special consideration.
5) Elevator Pitch
Finally there is the Elevator Pitch which is the concluding component of the event requiring each team to come up with a unique business idea and 'pitch' it to the make belief investors. This round will take place on the second day of the flagship event. The teams will have to submit a report in hard copy, which will include the details of their business. Participants are advised to focus on the financial part of their report for this round. Alongside the report, they will have to deliver a 10 minutes presentation, explaining their idea to the investor. Participants will also be judged on the method of data collection, and on the type of constraints they set themselves up with, keeping in mind the economy they hope to operate in. This will reflect their understanding of the forces, internal and external, that will affect their business and their data collecting skills. Participants may also be asked to state their sources, if deemed necessary by the judges. In the end, the judges will decide which business to invest in, marking them as the clear winners. If the business plans are realistic enough, investors may fund them, further providing an incentive for the participants to put in all of their efforts.
Prize money:
Winners: PKR 30,000
1st Runner-ups: PKR 20,000
2nd Runner-ups: PKR 10,000