Magnetic thin films and Artificial Structures

Magnetic thin films and Artificial Structures

Dr. Karmen Tzalikian (aka Karen B. Paul) received her PhD degree from the University of Turku in Finland. The focus of her PhD research was studying magnetic disordered materials and the related phenomena as collective behavior, magnetic relaxation, stability of the magnetic phase, magneto-transport.

After the completion and defense of the PhD degree, Dr. Paul worked in good North American and European Institutions. Her research interests were redirected to magnetic thin films and artificial structures as Fe/V superlattices, Ba M-type ferrite powders, arranged particle assembles, organization of matter on designed matter, and GeDy nanowires – areas in which she contributed substantially.

Another recent interest and contribution is in micro-frictional mechanical phenomena on coated surfaces. The role of the Wan-der Walls and adhesion forces, dependent on the mechanical roughness and nature of the coated surfaces is investigated.

Expertise and Interests
Nanomaterials, semiconductor nanowires, semiconductor magnetic materials and phenomena, magnetic monolayers, powders and thin films, disordered bulk magnetic materials

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