Faculty Profile

Miss. Shama Rashid

Teaching Fellow

Department Of Physics

Ms. Shama Rashid has joined us as Teaching Fellow in the Department of Physics (SBASSE).

Ms. Rashid is a Master of Philosophy in Solid State Physics and Master of Science in Particle Physics from University of the Punjab. She has broad teaching experience and has been teaching at different institutions since completing her Master’s degree. Ms. Rashid completed her undergraduate studies from Queen Mary College, Lahore. She was associated with LUMS as Teaching Assistant from 2008 to 2016. She is also coordinating senior projects of Physics department since January 2014.

Her research interests include:

·       Particle Physics

·       Solid State physics

MechanicsFall Semester 2014-151401
Modern PhysicsSpring Semester 2014-151402
Quantum Mechanics IFall Semester 2015-161501
Quantum Theory IFall Semester 2015-161501
Modern PhysicsSpring Semester 2015-161502
MechanicsFall Semester 2016-171601
Modern PhysicsSpring Semester 2016-171602
  • Past Courses
    Electricity & MagnetismWinter Qtr 2008-09802
    Oscillations and WavesSpring Qtr 2008-2009803
    MechanicsFall Semester 2009-10901
    Heat and ThermodynamicsSpring Semester 2009-10902
    Condensed Matter PhysicsSpring Semester 2010-111002
    MechanicsFall Semester 2011-121101
    Lie Groups and their RepresentationsFall Semester 2011-121101
    General RelativityFall Semester 2011-121101
    Heat and ThermodynamicsSpring Semester 2011-121102
    Mathematical Methods in Physics and Engineering-ISpring Semester 2011-121102
    MechanicsFall Semester 2012-131201
    Modern PhysicsFall Semester 2012-131201
    Modern PhysicsSpring Semester 2012-131202
    MechanicsFall Semester 2013-141301
    Electricity and MagnetismFall Semester 2013-141301
    Modern PhysicsSpring Semester 2013-141302
    Electrodynamics IISpring Semester 2013-141302