Faculty Profile

Mr. Waqas Majeed

Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering

Waqas Majeed received BS in Electrical Engineering from GIK Institute, Pakistan (2000-2004, gold medalist). During his PhD in bioengineering at Georgia Tech, USA (2005-2010), his research involved fMRI-based functional connectivity, manganese-enhanced MRI for neuronal tract-tracing and diffusion-tensor imaging. The focus of his thesis work was detection and characterization of propagating waves of spontaneous activity in humans and rats using fMRI. His postdoctoral research at Vanderbilt University, USA (Department of Radiology) involved data-driven analysis of noisy fMRI data to isolate weak and focal patterns of neural activity. His goals are to establish a career in academia, promote multidisciplinary medical imaging research and develop links between academia and clinicians.

    • Conference Papers
      • Majeed, W. .(2015). Improved estimation and rescaling of amplitude of low frequency fluctuations in resting-state fMRI . Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) 2016 Annual Meeting ,
      • Majeed, W. .(2014). An alive electroencephalogram analysis system to assist the diagnosis of epilepsy . , European Signal Processing Conference , pp. 2340-2344
      • Majeed, W. .(2014). Computer Assisted Analysis System of Electroencephalogram for Diagnosing Epilepsy . , International Conference on Pattern Recognition , pp. 3386-3391
      • Majeed, W. .(2014). Automatic detection of spatiotemporal propagating patterns in BOLD fMRI of the rats using an ICA based approach. . , Proc Intl Soc Magn Reson Med , pp. 4132
      • Majeed, W. .(2014). Advancements in computer aided methods for EEG-based epileptic detection . , BIOSIGNALS 2014 - 7th Int. Conference on Bio-Inspi
    • Journal Articles
      • Majeed, W. .(2014). Microembolism induces anhedonia but no detectable changes in white matter integrity in aged rats . , PLoS ONE , pp. e96624
      • Majeed, W. .(2014). Robust data driven model order estimation for independent component analysis of fMRI data with low contrast to noise . , PLoS ONE , pp. e94943
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