Faculty Profile

Mr. Arslan Shahid Butt

Teaching Fellow

Suleman Dawood School of Business
      • Shahid Butt, A., Seyyed, F. & Ashfaq, H. (In Press 2016). The First Meat Sector IPO: Al Shaheer Corporation (LUMS No: 02-639-2016-1). Asian Journal of Management Cases.

      • Shahid Butt, A. & Abidin, S. (2018). LPCL'S PARKING PROJECT, Published. CRC No. 01-520-2018-1, Case Research Centre, Lahore University of Management Sciences.

      • Shahid Butt, A. & Zia, M. (2015). AMAL (HOPE) Foundation, Published. LUMS No 01-513-2015-1, Case Research Center, LUMS.

      • Shahid Butt, A. & Zain ul Abidin, S. (2016). LPCLs Parking Project. 6th Asian Management Research and Case Conference 2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh.