Faculty Profile

Dr. Azer Reza

Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering

Dr. Syed Azer Reza completed his B.Sc in Electronic Engineering from the Ghulam Ishaq Khan In-stitute of Engineering in 2003. He completed his M.Sc in Electrical Engineering from Darmstadt Uni-versity of Applied Sciences in Germany with a specialization in microwave ceramic filter designs. He received his masters and Ph.D in Optics from the University of Central Florida specializing in Photonic Signal Processing appli-cations for communication and sensing applications. Dr. Reza worked as a post-doctoral research associate at the Laser Interferometer Space Anten-na (LISA) Labs at the University of Florida worked on the design and implementation of a test-bench to verify the relative phase performance of photodetectors that would be used in the LISA space mission. His works have appeared in more than 20 international conferences and journals.

    • Article
      • Reza, A. .(1999). A liquid lens-based broadband variable fiber optical attenuator . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Digital micro-mirror device-based broadband optical image sensor for robust imaging applications . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Agile lensing-based non-contact liquid level optical sensor for extreme environments . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Noncontact distance sensor using spatial signal processing . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Smart agile lens remote optical sensor for three-dimensional object shape measurements . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Broadband all-digital variable fiber-optic attenuator using digital micromirror device . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). High dynamic range variable fiber-optical attenuator using digital micromirrors and opto-fluidics . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Non-contact opto-fluidics-based liquid level sensor for harsh environments . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). High-dynamic-range hybrid analog-digital control broadband optical spectral processor using micromirror and acousto-optic devices . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Smart value-added fiber-optic modules using spatially multiplexed processing . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Hybrid analog-digital design microelectromechanical systems spectral processor for simultaneous gain slope and channel equalization controls . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Electronically controlled agile lens-based broadband variable photonic delay line for photonic and radio frequency signal processing . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Power Transmittance of a Laterally Shifted Gaussian Beam through a Circular Aperture . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Calculation of Beam Propagation through a Defected or a Misaligned Two-Lens System . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Data transfer through beam steering using agile lensing . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Nonbulk motion system for simultaneously measuring the refractive index and thickness of a sample using tunable optics and spatial signal processing-based Gaussian beam imaging . ,
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      • Reza, A. .(1999). Laser Noise Stabilization, Processing, And Extraction Simulations For The Lisa Mission At The University Of Florida. . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Laser Stabilization and Material Studies for the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Development and Analysis of Micro-cycle Phase Measurements for LISA . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Hybrid Wired-Wireless Silicon Carbide-based Optical Sensor for Extreme . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Programmable fiber optic splitters using distributed optical MEMS . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). Nabeel A. Riza, FELLOW SPIE, and . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). A Tunable Focus Lens-Based Variable Optical Delay Line for Free-Space and Fiber-Optic Applications . ,
      • Reza, A. .(1999). 1University of Florida, 2Goddard Space Flight Center . ,
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