Faculty Profile

Dr. Farasat Munir

Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering

Dr. Farasat Munir received his B.S. in electrical engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. Following that he worked in the industry in the field of Image processing, Machine vision, and Communication system design. He later received Fulbright scholarship and went to Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA, where he earned his Masters and Ph.D in electrical engineering. His Ph.D. work focused on the design of highly sensitive and selective biosensors for cancer diagnosis and prognosis. After Ph.D, he joined Emory University, USA as a Post-Doctoral Fellow where he worked on  the design of a biomedical system for radiation compatible ultrasonic image acquisition and processing. Since 2014 he is working as an Assistant Professor in the department of electrical engineering at SBA School of Science and Engineering LUMS, Pakistan. At LUMS his focus is on multidisciplinary experimental research involving areas of Physics, Electrical engineering and Biomedical engineering. His research interests include biosensors, biomedical instrumentation, MEMS, RF and Microwave circuits and Microelectronic fabrication. He has published in several peer reviewed international journals and conferences.

    • Article
      • Munir, F. .(1999). A high-Q hybrid acoustic mode in thin film ZnO solidly mounted resonators . ,
      • Munir, F. .(1999). Trapped hybrid modes in solidly mounted resonators based on c-axis oriented hexagonal crystals . ,
      • Munir, F. .(1999). Thin-film bulk acoustic wave delay line . ,
      • Munir, F. .(1999). A new method for wideband characterization of resonator-based sensing platforms . ,
      • Munir, F. .(1999). A Novel Technology for Automatically Obtaining Digital Facial Photographs Near-Simultaneously with Portable Radiographs . ,
      • Munir, F. .(1999). Multi-mode bulk-acoustic-wave resonators . ,
      • Munir, F. .(1999). A GHz range, single structure, multi-mode ZnO solidly-mounted bulk acoustic resonator . ,
      • Munir, F. .(1999). A Predistortion Architecture for Fast Polynomial Estimation in Multi-carrier Transmitters . ,
      • Munir, F. .(1999). Interference cancellation for higher harmonics of supply-modulated efficient RF power amplifier systems . ,
      • Munir, F. .(1999). A fast, scalable acoustic resonator-based biosensor array system for simultaneous detection of multiple biomarkers . ,
      • Munir, F. .(1999). Joint circuit and system evaluation of nonlinear compensation in RF/Microwave front-ends . ,
    • Journal Articles
      • Munir, F. .(2014). A Novel Technology for Automatically Obtaining Digital Facial Photographs Near-Simultaneously with Portable Radiographs. . Journal of digital Imaging , SPRINGER , pp. 1-5
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