Faculty Profile

Dr. Fahd Rehman

Assistant Professor

Suleman Dawood School of Business
    • Article
      • Rehman, F. & Cooper, J. (2016). Consumer Expectations: A Residual Based Approach. Review of Income and Wealth.
      • Rehman, F., Russel, J. & Keith, M. (2015). Economic Welfare Evaluation in an Era of Rapid Technological Change. Economics Letters.
      • Rehman, F. & Cooper, R. (2014). Regular Effective Demand Systems. Economics Letters.
      • Rehman, F. (2013). Measuring Differential Economic Impact of Education across Income Groups and Provinces in Pakistan: A Model Consistent Approach.. The Lahore Journal of Economics.
      • Rehman, F. (2012). Human Capital and Multifaceted Innovation: Evidence from the Lahore Knitwear Cluster in Pakistan. The Lahore Journal of Economics.
      • Rehman, F. (2010). Asset Allocation of Government Pension Funds in Pakistan- A Case for International Diversification. The Lahore Journal of Economics.
    • PaperI
      • Rehman, F. (2016). An Ontological Perspective" discussed at History of Economics Society Conference Duke University. Contributions of Tarshis, Durham, North Carolina.
      • Rehman, F. (2013). Transition to Quality Improvement : Evidence from Lahore Knitwear Cluster. PhD Conference on International Development 18-19 September 2012 Ruhr-University, Bochum, Germany, Unknown.
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