Faculty Profile

Dr. Laila Bushra

Assistant Professor

Department Of Humanities&Social Sciences

Laila Bushra (Assistant Professor) has a Bachelor of Science (honors) degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Lahore University of Managements Sciences (LUMS). Currently, she is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University. Her fields of interest have been Political Economy and Historical Sociology. Laila Bushra has been working as a Teaching Fellow at the Department of Humanities and Social Science at LUMS since September 2006. Her taught courses include Global Cities, A.D. 1300-2000, Introduction to Sociology, Comparative Sociology of Religious Fundamentalism, Classical Social Theory, and Africa in the World-System.

Introduction to SociologySpring Semester 2014-151402
Space and the CitySpring Semester 2014-151402
Introduction to SociologySpring Semester 2015-161502
Classical Sociological TheorySpring Semester 2015-161502
Independent StudySpring Semester 2015-161502
Africa in the World SystemFall Semester 2016-171601
Senior Project IFall Semester 2016-171601
Introduction to SociologySpring Semester 2016-171602
Classical Sociological TheorySpring Semester 2016-171602
Senior Project IISpring Semester 2016-171602
The Sociology of Electoral Politics in IndiaFall Semester 2017-181701
  • Past Courses
    Introduction to SociologyWinter Qtr 2004-05402
    Nationalism & ModernityWinter Qtr 2004-05402
    Introduction to SociologyAutumn Qtr 2006-07601
    Comparative Sociology of Religious FundamentalismAutumn Qtr 2006-07601
    Introduction to SociologyWinter Qtr 2006-07602
    Africa in the World SystemWinter Qtr 2006-07602
    Global Cities 1300 A.D - 2000 A.DSpring Qtr 2006-07603
    Introduction to SociologyWinter Qtr 2007-08702
    Comparative Sociology of Religious FundamentalismWinter Qtr 2007-08702
    Introduction to SociologySpring Qtr 2007-08703
    Africa in the World SystemSpring Qtr 2007-08703
    SS Independent Study ISummer Qtr 2007-08704
    Global Cities 1300 A.D - 2000 A.DSummer Qtr 2007-08704
    Comparative Sociology of Religious FundamentalismAutumn Qtr 2008-09801
    Classical Sociological TheoryWinter Qtr 2008-09802
    Introduction to SociologySpring Qtr 2008-2009803
    Africa in the World SystemSpring Qtr 2008-2009803
    Independent StudySpring Qtr 2008-2009803
    Independent StudySpring Qtr 2008-2009803
    Senior ProjectSpring Qtr 2008-2009803
    Independent StudySummer Qtr 2008-09804
    Senior ProjectSummer Qtr 2008-09804
    Global Cities 1300 A.D - 2000 A.DFall Semester 2009-10901
    Independent StudyFall Semester 2009-10901
    Introduction to SociologySpring Semester 2009-10902
    Classical Sociological TheorySpring Semester 2009-10902
    Classical European SociologySpring Semester 2009-10902
    Independent StudySummer Semester 2009-10903
    Global Cities 1300 A.D - 2000 A.DFall Semester 2010-111001
    Introduction to SociologySpring Semester 2010-111002
    Classical Sociological TheorySpring Semester 2010-111002
    Independent StudySpring Semester 2010-111002
    Senior Project ISpring Semester 2010-111002
    Introduction to Development StudiesFall Semester 2011-121101
    Introduction to SociologySpring Semester 2012-131202
    Independent StudySpring Semester 2012-131202
    Comparative Sociology of Religious FundamentalismSpring Semester 2012-131202
    Africa in the World SystemFall Semester 2013-141301
    Classical Sociological TheoryFall Semester 2013-141301
    Senior Project IFall Semester 2013-141301
    Introduction to SociologySpring Semester 2013-141302
    Senior Project IISpring Semester 2013-141302
    Eric Hobsbawn on The Making of Modern World EconomySpring Semester 2013-141302