Faculty Profile

Mr. Khyzar Hussain

Assistant Professor

Department Of Law & Policy

Mr. Hussain holds a Juris Doctor from The George Washington University. He has earned an LL.M in American Legal Systems from Michigan State University College of Law; and, an LL.M in Business and Finance Law from The George Washington University Law School. Khyzar also holds an LL.B. from the University of London through its International Program, and a B.A. from the University of Peshawar. He received his early education is from Cadet College Hassan Abdal and Edwardes College Peshawar.

His research interests include Contracts and Mercantile Law, Corporate Law and Securities Regulations, Constitutional Law and Theory, International Law, and Criminal Law. He currently teaches Introduction to Legal Reasoning at SAHSOL

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Introduction to Legal ReasoningSpring Semester 2014-151402
Public International LawFall Semester 2015-161501
ContractsFall Semester 2015-161501
The Law of Strategic International Commercial TransactionsSpring Semester 2015-161502
Public International LawFall Semester 2016-171601
Independent StudyFall Semester 2016-171601
ContractsFall Semester 2016-171601
Senior ProjectFall Semester 2016-171601
Senior Project IFall Semester 2016-171601
Corporate LawSpring Semester 2016-171602
Business LawSpring Semester 2016-171602
Senior ProjectSpring Semester 2016-171602
The Law of Strategic International Commercial TransactionsSpring Semester 2016-171602
Senior Project IISpring Semester 2016-171602