Faculty Profile

Dr. Shaheen Irfan

Visiting Assistant Professor


Dr. Irfan obtained her PhD in Particle Physics from Center for High Energy Physics(CHEP), Punjab University in 2016. Her PhD research is affiliated with Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, USA. Her core expertise is in the field of Theoretical High Energy Physics (Particle Physics) and focused area of research is Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) specifically “Dissociation of Bc Mesons in Quark Gluon Plasma”.  The results in this research could be useful for getting information on properties of quark gluon plasma which is a state of matter predicted to exist at high temperature and density. The parameters used in this study are taken from experiments performed at LHC, the European Organization for Nuclear research (CERN).

Dr. Irfan obtained her M.Sc. degree in Nuclear Physics from Karachi University. She completed her M. Phil in Particle Physics from Center for High Energy Physics (CHEP), Punjab University. Prior to joining LUMS she has worked as a lecturer at Lancaster Block(Dual Degree Program) of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore. 

    • Research Paper
      • Irfan, S. .(2016). Interactions of Bc meson in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collision. . , Physical review online
      • Irfan, S. .(2011). Hadronic absorption cross sections of Bc . , Physical Review online , pp. 11
Particle and Nuclear PhysicsSpring Semester 2015-161502
Electricity and MagnetismFall Semester 2016-171601
Classical MechanicsFall Semester 2016-171601
Particle and Nuclear PhysicsSpring Semester 2016-171602
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