Faculty Profile

Miss. Maham Mansoor

Adjunct Faculty

Department Of Humanities & Social Sciences

I obtained an M.A. degree in the Social Sciences from the University of Chicago in 2017. My M.A. thesis, supervised by Professor Alireza Doostdar, examines Islamic modernist and secularist thought in Pakistan, with a focus on the mostly implicit philosophical frameworks employed by prominent thinkers identified with these systems of thought, ultimately to see whether Islamic modernism can be understood as a secularizing project that can transform the individual in line with ideals conducive to the operation of an imagined secular-liberal society. While at Chicago, I also began work on exploring the ‘pragmatic principle’ in Muhammad Iqbal’s Reconstruction and his intellectual relation to William James, the American pragmatist. My main area of interest is the relation of tradition and religion to modernity. I completed my undergraduate studies in Anthropology and Sociology from LUMS in 2014, and continued my focus in anthropology and sociology during graduate study.

Research Interests:

- Religion and modernity

- Modern Islamic hermeneutics

- Pakistan and Islam