Faculty Profile

Mr. Chaudhry Fazal Karim

Adjunct Faculty

Shaikh Ahmed Hassan School of Law

Justice Fazal Karim started his career as a Civil Judge in 1960; served as a Judge of the Lahore High Court from 1987 to 1993; and retired from the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 1996. He also served as the First Parliamentary Secretary to the Government of Uganda from 1974 to 1976. Justice Karim has provided consultancy for the Asian Development Bank on “Strengthening Subordinate Judiciary”, “Pakistan National Drainage Sector”, “Strengthening Government Legal Services” and “Access to Justice”. He has also served as a permanent member of the Court of Arbitration at Hague and has been associated with the Access to Justice Programme, Government of Pakistan Ministry of Law Justice and Human Rights, Islamabad.

Justice Fazal Karim is the author of the famous books: “Access to Justice in Pakistan: A Handbook of Civil & Criminal Procedure with Constitutional Setting” and “Judicial Review of Public Actions”. Justice Fazal Karim is teaching Constitution and Administrative Law to second year LL.B students this semester.

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Fall Semester 2018-19Constitution & Admin Law1801
Spring Semester 2017-18Criminal Procedure1702
Fall Semester 2017-18Constitution & Admin Law1701
Spring Semester 2016-17Criminal Procedure1602
Fall Semester 2016-17Constitution & Admin Law1601
Fall Semester 2016-17Evidence1601
Spring Semester 2015-16Criminal Procedure1502
Fall Semester 2015-16Constitution & Admin Law1501
Fall Semester 2015-16Evidence1501
Spring Semester 2014-15Criminal Procedure1402
Fall Semester 2014-15Constitution & Admin Law1401
Fall Semester 2014-15Evidence1401
  • Past Courses
    Spring Semester 2013-14Independent Study1302
    Spring Semester 2013-14Criminal Procedure1302
    Fall Semester 2013-14Constitution & Admin Law1301
    Fall Semester 2013-14Evidence1301
    Spring Semester 2012-13Criminal Procedure1202
    Fall Semester 2012-13Constitution & Admin Law1201
    Fall Semester 2012-13Evidence1201
    Spring Semester 2011-12Criminal Procedure1102
    Fall Semester 2011-12Constitution & Admin Law1101
    Fall Semester 2011-12Evidence1101
    Spring Semester 2010-11Criminal Procedure1002
    Fall Semester 2010-11Constitution & Admin Law1001
    Fall Semester 2010-11Evidence1001
    Spring Semester 2009-10Criminal Procedure902
    Fall Semester 2009-10Evidence901
    Spring Qtr 2008-2009Constitutional Law III (Constitutional Law of Pakistan)803
    Winter Qtr 2008-09Evidence802
    Autumn Qtr 2008-09Criminal Procedure801
    Summer Qtr 2007-08Advanced Moot Court704
    Summer Qtr 2007-08Moot Court704
    Spring Qtr 2007-08Evidence703
    Winter Qtr 2007-08Criminal Procedure702