Faculty Profile

Dr. Humaira Kamal

Assistant Professor

Department Of Computer Sciences

Dr. Kamal obtained her Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada in 2013 and 2005, respectively. She is also a LUMS alumna and graduated at the top of her M.Sc. class. She completed her undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore. Her area of research is High Performance Computing (HPC) and she works on developing systems and techniques that improve the performance, scalability and programmability of parallel computing systems. She aims to design and implement systems that have an impact in the HPC community and significantly contribute to the body of knowledge and the development of the country as a whole. Her research on Fine-Grain MPI (FG-MPI) was implemented with the view to enable technology transfer and it has been released as an open-source project. Her work on FG-MPI is well recognized in the MPI community and has received strong support from MPI experts at the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) and the Parallel Computing Lab at Intel Corporation. She has worked with LUMS as a Teaching Fellow from 2000 to 2003 & 2005 to 2007. Prior to joining LUMS again, she was working with the University of British Columbia as Mitacs-Intel Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Her research interests include:

  • High Performance Computing
  • Large-scale Concurrent Systems
  • Multicore Systems
Semester Title Code
Fall Semester 2018-19 Algorithms 1801
Fall Semester 2018-19 High Performance Computing 1801
Spring Semester 2017-18 Advanced Operating Systems 1702
Fall Semester 2017-18 Algorithms 1701
Fall Semester 2017-18 High Performance Computing 1701
Spring Semester 2016-17 Algorithms 1602
  • Past Courses
    Semester Title Code
    Spring Qtr 2006-07 Computer Science Fundamentals 603
    Winter Qtr 2006-07 Problem Solving & Computer Programming using C++ 602
    Autumn Qtr 2006-07 High Performance Computing 601
    Summer Qtr 2005-06 Operating Systems 504
    Spring Qtr 2005-06 Computer Science Fundamentals 503
    Winter Qtr 2005-06 Problem Solving & Computer Programming using C++ 502