Faculty Profile

Dr. Alnoor Bhimani

Honorary Dean

Office of the Dean SDSB

Dr. Alnoor is a Professor of Management Accounting, and the Founding Director of ‘LSE Entrepreneurship’ at the London School of Economics (LSE). He has also headed the Department of Accounting at LSE during his 30 years’ service at the institution. His academic work and research interests include management accounting in the digital economy, international comparative financial management, strategic finance, the socio-cultural analysis of accounting systems and aspects of globalisation, governance and financial management, entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Dr. Alnoor is an advocate for quality education and innovation; an accomplished scholar and a dedicated teacher. At LSE, he taught the first course ever on Internet Entrepreneurship. He has authored over 100 publications including bestselling books in financial management, technology and digitisation. He is connected with tech-entrepreneurs and sits on business school Advisory Boards in Africa, America, Europe and Asia. Dr. Alnoor has been associated with SDSB in the capacity of an Advisor for the past few years; while being a part of the Advisory Committee of SDSB.

He holds an Undergraduate degree from King’s College London UK, an MBA from Cornell University USA where he was a Fulbright Scholar. He has also obtained a PhD from London School of Economics UK. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant from Canada. In 2016, Professor Bhimani was conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Science in Economics and Business Administration by the University of Aalto in Finland. The degree was in recognition of his research leadership in management accounting and its impact on the research agenda and orientation of the field across Europe.

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