Faculty Profile

Mr. Adeel Faheem

Teaching Fellow

Department Of Economics
  • Past Courses
    Spring Semester 2012-13Introduction to Game Theory1202
    Spring Semester 2012-13Industrial Organisation1202
    Fall Semester 2012-13Introduction to Game Theory1201
    Fall Semester 2012-13Industrial Organisation1201
    Spring Semester 2011-12Introduction to Game Theory1102
    Spring Semester 2011-12Industrial Organisation1102
    Fall Semester 2011-12Industrial Organisation1101
    Fall Semester 2011-12Principles of Economics1101
    Spring Semester 2010-11Introduction to Game Theory1002
    Spring Semester 2010-11Industrial Organisation1002
    Fall Semester 2010-11Introduction to Game Theory1001
    Fall Semester 2010-11Industrial Organisation1001
    Summer Semester 2009-10Independent Study903
    Spring Semester 2009-10Industrial Organisation902
    Fall Semester 2009-10Competition policy and Market Strategy901
    Fall Semester 2009-10Principles of Economics901