Faculty Profile

Dr. Syed Ali Hasanain

Assistant Professor

Department Of Economics
The Economics of CorruptionFall Semester 2016-171601
Law and EconomicsSpring Semester 2016-171602
Readings in the Political Economy of the MediaSpring Semester 2016-171602
  • Past Courses
    Law and EconomicsFall Semester 2010-111001
    Intermediate MicroeconomicsFall Semester 2010-111001
    Intermediate MicroeconomicsSpring Semester 2010-111002
    Independent StudySpring Semester 2010-111002
    Experiments in EconomicsSummer Semester 2010-111003
    Senior Project-IFall Semester 2011-121101
    Law and EconomicsFall Semester 2011-121101
    Intermediate MicroeconomicsFall Semester 2011-121101
    Intermediate MicroeconomicsSpring Semester 2011-121102
    Law and EconomicsFall Semester 2012-131201
    Intermediate MicroeconomicsFall Semester 2012-131201
    Independent StudyFall Semester 2012-131201
    Independent StudySpring Semester 2012-131202
    The Economics of CorruptionSpring Semester 2012-131202
    Senior Project-IFall Semester 2013-141301
    Law and EconomicsFall Semester 2013-141301
    Senior Project-ISpring Semester 2013-141302
    Intermediate MicroeconomicsSpring Semester 2013-141302
    Independent StudySpring Semester 2013-141302
    Senior Project-IISpring Semester 2013-141302
    The Economics of CorruptionSpring Semester 2013-141302