Advanced Summer Learning Initiative at MGSHSS

Friday, July 6, 2018 - 5am

For the first time at LUMS, MGSHSS is organising a four-week summer training programme for students who need extra help with academic problems that cannot always be addressed in the class.

With the support and encouragement from the Gurmani Foundation, and with assistance from the Dean of Student Affairs, the Admissions Office, and the NOP Office, this pilot programme will train up to fifty students from across the University (fully-funded) to aid them in developing their reading/comprehension, writing, and communication skills, along with a focus on mathematics and critical thinking approaches.

For the duration of the programme, students will take classes (five hours a day, four days a week) with highly qualified faculty, participate in activities with peer mentors, and take weekly excursions to cultural sites. It is a structure in which students who choose to access the programme can have both an active learning community in a class setting as well as individual attention. We share the commitment of our funders to ensure that students who have successfully overcome disadvantage at home will not face obstacles to learning at LUMS.

Depending on this year’s outcome, we intend to offer an expanded version of this course each summer. The name of the programme is Advanced Summer Learning Initiative (ASLI).