Alumni in Washington D.C. Hold Annual Reunion

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The LUMS Alumni in the Washington D.C. area had an enthralling evening on Sunday, August 6, 2017 when the first LUMS Alumni get-together was held with LUMS Pro-Chancellor, Syed Babar Ali, in attendance.

Over 40 Alumni attended, ranging from alumni from 1996 to alumni who graduated this year. The alumni came from a variety of organisations across the DC area, with several of them having acquired or currently pursuing PhD degrees.

The event kicked off with participants introducing themselves and detailing which batch they graduated from, which organisation they are working for, and what type of work they are pursuing. Syed Babar Ali listened to each participant individually and responded with personal anecdotes and advice.

Syed Babar Ali then spoke to the alumni in attendance, and updated them about the latest happenings at LUMS. He spoke about various new initiatives at LUMS, explained the ever-increasing goals of the LUMS National Outreach Programme (NOP), and encouraged the alumni to give back to their alma mater by contributing to this worthy cause.

The participants engaged the Pro-Chancellor with a variety of questions and ideas, and in return Syed Babar Ali asked them to engage with LUMS directly for improvements, and contact him directly through email if they encounter roadblocks. To a question about the outcome of education, he said, "Education is about making you a good human being."

Overall, the reunion was a great success with the participants appreciative of the opportunity to engage with Syed Babar Ali and network with fellow Luminites in the area. It was an entertaining evening for all, and the alumni eagerly await their next meet-up.