Annual Student Magazine, Numūd Published

Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Gurmani Center for Languages and Literature has published its annual student magazine, Numūd, Volume 8, 2019. Numūd is the only student magazine in Pakistan which contains contributions solely from the students of its parent institution, LUMS.

The Editorial Board of the magazine consists of students from diverse backgrounds. Muhammad Bilal Azam, Editor, comes from a Physics background. Managing Editor, Abdul Wahab Niaz, is a Law major. Mujahid Abdullah and Musharfa Shah were Assistant Editors, while Nadeem Iqbal, a Research Assistant at LUMS, designed the cover and prepared the layout of the magazine.

LUMS students contributed articles, travelogues, short stories and poetry in Urdu for the publication. This volume also includes a report of the weekly sessions of Halqā-e Dānish and Baẑm-e Adab by Zahid Hassan and an interview of the leading literary figure of Pakistan, Intizar Hussain by Muhammad Naveed.

The eighth issue of Numūd will be available online soon. The printed version will be given to the contributors as a token of appreciation.

The magazine could not have been possible without the guidance of Moeen Nizami, Professor, Gurmani Center for Languages and Literature. The Numūd team is also grateful to Bilal Tanveer, Muhammad Naveed and Zahid Hassan for their support.

Below are the names of the contributors (in alphabetical order) who made this issue possible:
Adeel Ibraheem, Ali Abid, Amna Asghar, Amna Zulqadar, Aniqa Khalid, Ayesha Sabir Ali, Bint ul Huda Naqvi, Danish Khan, Danish Khan Dani, Fajar Mansha, Fatima Javed, Hafiz Muhammad Usman, Hina Liaquat, Ibtehaj ud Din, Kashaf, Mahnoor Nauman, Momina Anwar, Muhammad Abdullah, Muhammad Ali Ashraf, Muhammad Ali Moazzam, Muhammad Azeem, Noor ul Haya, Rafay Abdullah, Rahima Khalid Lone, Rahima Sohail, Ramsha Siddique, Ramsha Siddique, Sadia Saleem Rana, Shafa Salman, Shehryar Maqbool, Syed Muhammad Zubair, Taimur Ali, Tehreem Alam, Usama Mustafa, Wajahat Rafiq Baig, Waksh Awais, Waleed Bin Majid, Zahid Hassan, Muhammad Naveed, Zahra Hafeez and Zainab Amir.