Bodybuilding Competition Mr. LUMS Held at the University

Friday, March 6, 2020

On Monday, March 2, 2020, Sports at LUMS in collaboration with LUMS Shredded held the competition most awaited by all aspiring young body builders in the LUMS community - MR. LUMS

Mr. LUMS has successfully been a regular feature in the University’s sports calendar for the past several years. The aim of the competition is to encourage students to build a healthier lifestyle and build muscles in a healthy and sustainable way.

The event was amazingly pulled off by the fitness team from LUMS Shredded who worked tirelessly with the participants to get them prepared for the competition. The long hours of work, the discipline and the determination was also apparent at the quality of the competition. These amazing participants were judged on their efforts for achieving correct muscularity, body conditioning, symmetry, and stage presence.

The weight categories for the event were, Under 60, from 60 to 70, and 70+. The panel of judges included Haji Muhammad Arshad, Ashaq Butt and Malik Khalid Nawaz. Esteemed guests invited to attend the event were Mr. Muhammad Yasir, Member of Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation, Muhammad Sajid, Former Champion, and Shayan Lalani, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach.

The winners for the event were carefully and fairly decided upon close examination by the judges. The winners for each category were as follows:

Under 60:
1. Huzaifa Kamran Rao
2. Aleem Mohayudin
3. Muhammad Sultan

1. Syed Farhad Ahmed
2. Osman Saleem
3. Nasir Ali

1. Uzair Butt
2. Hassan Shabbir
3. Mahad

Mr. LUMS, is an inspiring experience for anyone hoping to take up the sport and can encourage participants to compete in professional and international body building arenas.