British American Tobacco Holds Recruitment Drive at LUMS

Thursday, October 3, 2019

On September 30, 2019 British American Tobacco (BAT) held a recruitment drive at LUMS. The event was attended by LUMS students who are in their junior or senior year or are pursuing their Masters degrees. Members of BAT management were also present at the session to provide an overview of their recruitment programme and to encourage students to avail the opportunity.

BAT is a multinational company that has a number of offices across the globe and one of the two oldest factories in the Jhelum region of Pakistan. BAT is passionate about finding the best way to recruit students from universities. The company provides internships, and also has a Global Graduate programme that allows students to participate in international platforms and to leave a global footprint of their work.

Aleena Ahmad, Graduate Trainee BAT and LUMS alumni, spoke at the session and shared her experience of working with BAT and presenting her work globally. She also talked about her unique idea that got her recruited by the company as a Global Graduate. Ms. Ahmad encouraged the attendees to apply for the programme and benefit from this incomparable experience.

Qasim Tariq, Senior Business Development Manager BAT, was also present at the event and talked to students about the recruitment process. He recommended that applicants bring practical and innovative ideas forward that will also serve as solutions to global problems. He provided an overview of the application process during which students have to formulate a proposal in a 3-minute video and also submit either a PowerPoint, PDF or Word document.

This was followed by a brief talk by Mariam Waqar, Senior Area Manager BAT. Ms. Waqar talked about different industries that students can tailor their applications to. She also shared that the proposals will be judged on the basis of strength, originality, depth of research, business feasibility, business plan quality, and marketing and presentation skills.

The session concluded with an interactive Question and Answer session where students could get clarity on any concerns they had.