Director WIT Conducts Graduate Seminar on Smart Water Grids at Mehran University, Jamshoro

Monday, February 26, 2018 - 5am

Dr. Abubakr Muhammad, Director, Centre for Water Informatics & Technology (WIT) at the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering conducted a graduate seminar, 'Smart Water Grids: Managing Complexity via Ubiquitous Sensing and Modeling Abstractions' held at USPCAS-W, Mehran University, Jamshoro.

While speaking at the seminar Dr. Muhammad said that water is at the heart of all development challenges in Pakistan. He was of the view that people, by using this technology, can overcome the challenges faced today in the water sector in Pakistan. He said that by using artificial intelligence, robotics and other related applications of computers, the demand-driven water system can be formed and implemented. While emphasising on the imagineering, he said that through imagineering, the sustainable solutions to the prevailing water crisis can be sought out.

In defining the contextual importance of using smart water grid technology, he said that the managing irrigation networks in the Indus River Basin inspire interesting problems with an important and unique socio-economic context for Pakistan. He elaborates that river basins, when equipped with smart infrastructures, are complex cyber-physical-social systems with a unique set of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) problems and the Internet of Things (IoT) inspired solutions.

While concluding the seminar, he said that socio-hydrology, cross-pollinated by water informatics tools allow us to imagine new ways to manage water in the 21st century. By giving presentations, he also shared various diagrams including the Water Policy Social Network, Farmer Social Network, Social Comparison Processes, Real-Time Flow Monitoring and other related material. He also shared a documentary which showed how these smart grids are working efficiently.