EE Faculty Awarded Funding to Design a Low Cost Ventilator

Friday, December 16, 2016
Dr. Farasat Munir, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering has received grant funding for his project on designing a low cost ventilator. His project titled “Research and Development of Low Cost Ventilator” is being supported by Mian Tahir Javed, Chairman Central Park Medical College. This project award came to fruition with the keen interest and efforts of  Dr. A. S.  Chughtai, Dean Central Park Medical College. Dr. Chughtai views this project as an essential step in addressing the acute shortage of medical ventilators in Pakistan. The award worth PKR 1.7 Million is for a duration of one year and will cover RA salaries and equipment cost. 
In addition to providing funding for the design, Dr. Munir will also be provided collaboration support for medical expertise and testing of the ventilator device on real patients at the Central Park Medical College. “This project will allow me to come up with a full-fledged prototype of a hospital ventilator and will act as a platform for doing publishable research on advanced modes of medical ventilation,” said Dr. Munir.   
He also shared that the project is a result of two years of effort on his part and two initial prototype designs. He said, “I hope that this will act as a bridge between LUMS and Central Park Teaching Hospital and will expand into future research projects."