Fahd Husain Delivers Inspiring Talk During LLL Class

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Fahd Husain, Executive Editor, Express Tribune and Executive Director News, Express News came to the Content Writing and Editing for Journalism class at Lifetime Learning @LUMS as a guest speaker. He spoke about the importance of compelling news writing in both broadcast and print media and apprised the participants of the challenges of the field reflecting upon his own career as a journalist, revisiting his personal account of events.

From the trials and tribulations of working in a newsroom to what goes into creating a news bulletin, Mr. Husain touched upon different facets of the editorial voice every platform employs. The class discussed many trends and tools used for writing op-eds. Part of the discourse were a host of other topics that top the agendas for newspapers and news stations while outlining their news-gathering and dissemination policy. Surviving political mud-slinging to horse-trading, meeting tight deadlines, the class was nothing short of a real life newsroom experience.

Providing fresh insight and perspective into the thriving and in-demand field of media, the distinguished guest speaker encouraged everyone to take it up as their professional field, with a few caveats to watch out for. He was of the view that the industry has evolved overtime with the advancement of social media. And how the traditional media is making way for convergent journalism.

Mr. Husain has been a keynote speaker in the previous sessions of Lifetime Learning @LUMS as well. With over twenty years of work experience, the veteran journalist has carved out a reputation for himself as the most sought after media person and news analyst of recent times. He frequently pens down his opinion in Express Tribune, and often shares his views on trending topics, including political fiascos and fallouts, foreign policy agendas on Prime Time talk shows. During the class, he also talked about libel laws, media ethics and a lot more, making the session all the more useful.

Enlightening the class about the latest trends in the industry, Mr. Husain left the participants with points to ponder and inspired to join the field of journalism. The session was an enriching learning experience for all aspiring news writers.

Later, the class was opened to a very enthusiastic question and answer session.