Hostel Life Fellows Arrange Fun Meetup to Welcome Freshmen

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

After the conclusion of Orientation Week for the incoming batch, the Hostel Life Fellows – external committee of the student council headed by Ms. Hiba Zakai – arranged a gathering on Sunday for the hostel residents to give them a sneak peek of life on campus and to acquaint them with the idea of 'LUMS is home.'  The eager hostel residents from the fresh batch filled the common rooms of the male and female dorms to capacity. The main purpose of the event was to give the incoming batch an opportunity to get to know their hostel and floor mates and bond with them in an informal setting. The Hostel Life Fellows (HLFs) were also there to guide their juniors about the vibrant hostel life and inculcate a sense of belonging by sharing insights from their own experiences.

Faculty members from the Residential Life Committee, Dr. Adnan Khan, Ms. Hiba Zakai, Dr. Ferhana Ahmed, Dr. Ghayoor Abbas, Dr. Maryam Wasif Khan and Dr. Sultan Sial also honoured the event with their presence. Students enjoyed spending their leisure time playing board games, like Ludo and getting familiar with their peers a day before the formal commencement of their first semester at LUMS. Refreshments were also served.

The HLFs are a selected group of student leaders who are tasked to create a vibrant and inclusive living-learning environment in the dorms. They have been in training with Ms. Zakai, the Campus Climate Manager for the past few days on empathy; how to have difficult conversations; mediating roommate conflicts; what to do in a medical or mental-health emergency; defining an inclusive “Living-Learning” community and passive versus active programming, just to name a few of the training sessions. In addition, they have created an events calendar for the rest of the semester and have also divided themselves in committees including the Policy Sub-Committee of HLFs. This small group will be working closely with the Advisory Board or the Residential Life Committee that consists of faculty and selected Student Council members to review all policies related to student residence.