Karachi Alumni Chapter Holds Annual Reunion

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Alumni reunions are a gateway to reconnecting, reflecting, and celebrating. The LUMS Karachi Alumni Chapter on Saturday, October 13, 2018 put together one such incredible evening reunion when the alumni reunited at the Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi. Special arrangements were in place to commemorate the day.

Head of Alumni Relations, Masooma Zeeshan, welcomed the alumni in her opening speech followed by a welcome note by the Karachi Chapter President, Hijab Tufail, BSc 2012, who invited the alumni to celebrate the occasion in unison with fellow alums. She encouraged the attendees to reflect their experiences and to provide an insight for the current students as well.

Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arshad Ahmad, LUMS, introduced himself to the attendees with a warm and witty welcome, sharing stories about his personal and professional journeys so far, and his vision for LUMS. He expressed that the turnout proves everyone’s dedication for their alma mater, and went on to express his resolve to keep former students engaged in university affairs.

With anticipations of meeting old friends, the reunion provided a great opportunity to reminisce in an informal way. The participants benefitted from a panel discussion by HR professionals. To offset the more serious mood of the meet, well-known stand-up comedian Junaid Akram also took the stage and slipped in funny side notes to help the guests warm up to the idea of reconnecting.

Calling it a day, the reunion set the precedent for future such events. The alumni enjoyed a delicious sit-down Hi-Tea while some helped themselves to snacks and tea as they moved around, making the most of the get-together.

With a variety of Luminites in attendance, it was fantastic to see alumni from past decades rallying in to uphold the tradition of connectivity.